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Find The Perfect Eyeglasses
in Cedar Rapids

Are you looking for eyeglasses that fit your unique style while enhancing your vision? At Miller Family Eyecare, our optical brings you a collection of designer frames and lenses tailored to your requirements. Discover how our eyewear transforms your clarity of sight.

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Exceptional Eyewear at Miller Family Eyecare

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to guiding you through our extensive selection of eyeglasses, designer frames, and sunglasses, ensuring you find the perfect match for your visual needs and personal taste. We pride ourselves on offering the latest collections from local and international designers, available in diverse styles, colors, and materials.

Whether you’re seeking a bold new look, functional eyewear for daily use, or the latest in sun protection, our team is here to provide advice on how different lenses and frames can enhance your vision and complement your lifestyle. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, we invite new clients and current patients to visit us and explore the difference quality eyewear can make.

Our Featured Designer Frames

Elevate your style with our range of designer frames at Miller Family Eyecare. Find eyewear that complements your look while ensuring optimal vision and eye protection.

  • Ray-Ban
  • Kate Spade
  • Coach
  • Maui Jim (B&W)
  • Oakley
  • Silhouette
  • Versace
  • Etnia Barcelona
  • Ogi
  • WOOW
  • ProDesign Denmark
  • Nautica
  • Dolce And Gabbana
  • Lafont
  • Calvin Klein Collection
  • Nike Vision
  • State
  • Seraphin
  • Lindberg
  • Trina Turk
  • Ic! Berlin
  • Badgley Mischka
  • Isaac Mizrahi
  • TOMS
  • Raen
  • Kate Young for Tura
  • 2point5
  • Tom Davies
  • Laeyeworks
  • Menizzi
  • Roger

Eyewear Services at Miller Family Eyecare

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Prescription Glasses and Lens Technology

We offer a comprehensive range of prescription glasses that cater to diverse visual needs. Utilizing the latest in lens technology, we provide customized lens options, including single-vision, bifocal, multifocal, and progressive lenses, designed to enhance visual clarity and comfort. Whether you need correction for distance, reading, or something in between, our team will help you find the perfect lens solution that promises clear vision and fits your lifestyle preferences.

High Index and Aspheric Lenses

Have you ever wondered about high-index lenses? These thinner, lighter alternatives provide improved aesthetics and comfort for stronger prescriptions, discarding the days of bulky glasses. Let's make your vision more appealing and comfortable with high-index lenses at Miller Family Eyecare.

Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Family

Protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays is crucial for children and adults. Our optical offers an extensive collection of sunglasses to provide protection without compromising style. Our range includes options for every age group, from playful and durable frames for children's adventurous spirits to sophisticated and fashionable designs for adults. All our sunglasses come with high-quality lenses, reducing the risk of eye damage from sun exposure.

Transitions® lenses

Transitions® lenses adapt to changing light conditions, offering protection from harmful UV rays while enhancing vision quality. Experience these lenses' convenience, comfort, and protection at Miller Family Eyecare in Cedar Rapids.

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Close up of eyeglasses

Neurolens® for Eye Strain and Headaches

Neurolens® addresses discomfort from the misalignment of eyes, a condition often overlooked in traditional eye exams. This cutting-edge technology is designed to correct this misalignment, offering a customized solution that relieves those suffering from symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, neck pain, and even motion sickness. By conducting a detailed assessment using the Neurolens® measurement device, we can determine the degree of misalignment and craft personalized lenses that bring your eyes into proper alignment, promoting a more natural, comfortable visual experience.

Computer Vision Glasses

Do prolonged screen hours cause eye strain or fatigue? Our specialized computer vision glasses at Miller Family Eyecare provide a solution. Our selection of computer vision glasses can help minimize digital eye strain. These glasses feature lenses with blue light filtering and glare reduction properties. Experience enhanced comfort and protect your eyes during extended screen use.