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The Staff

Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Our technicians will try to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointments that suit your needs.




I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa! I love Pistachio ice cream. My favorite part of being a part of the MFEC team is meeting the patients. I also love seeing the frames and new design styles when we get them in! I want to make people feel good about themselves, because that is what I admired about my grandparents.


Anna D.

Patient Technician/Optical Tech

I grew up on an acreage outside Springville, IA. My dream vacation would be to travel to Scotland and time travel through the Standing Stones back to the 1700s just like Claire in the Outlander book series (you did say “dream” vacation). My favorite ice cream is the frozen kind. It really isn’t fair to single out one flavor as they all have their own special qualities. It really depends on the day that I’ve had and what season it is. During the summer I like a good Raspberry or Mango Sorbet, Fall is obviously Pumpkin Cheesecake or S’mores. When it gets closer to Christmas I like the Peppermint ice cream with the little bits of candy in it and when Spring rolls around I like to mix it up a little with some Lavender and Honey Gelato if I can get my hands on it. If all else fails Cookies and Cream is always a good choice. My favorite part of working at Miller Family Eyecare is all the wonderful people I get to meet and ofcourse, Jane. I would like the world to see me through glasses they got at Miller Family Eyecare!



Board Certified Optician

Carrie joined our team as a Board Certified Optician of 12 years and with 10 years of Optical and business management. She enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her Step Sons 6yrs and 10yrs. Carrie loves that she works alongside a team that shows the same heart and compassion for eyes and healthcare that she does.



Patient Technician/Optical Tech

I grew up in Jacksonville, FL. I moved to Cedar Rapids in 2017. My dream vacation, would be to back pack across Europe. Which I absolutely will do in the near future. I love history but prefer to learn and explore interactively. My favorite ice cream would probably be gelato, I like just plain vanilla bean, but back home in Jacksonville, there is this ice cream shop called dreamette and they have the best ice cream, its vanilla ice cream dipped in a cake batter shell, omg it is to die for. Everyone should experience such deliciousness! My favorite part of being a MFEC team member would be the way we all get along like a family, we joke and play a lot, and we have our little spats here and there, but at the end of the day , we all love each other and it’s so refreshing to be have coworkers and bosses who actually genuinely care for one another. I want the world to see me as a unique individual, i like to think I have a certain je ne sais quoi, I want my energy and happiness to ensue happiness into those around me.



Patient Technician

My dad was in the Navy for part of my childhood. I grew up in Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and finally Oelwein, Iowa. My dream vacation would be on the beach with my husband, children and their spouses and of course my grandson. The hardest decision I would have to make is where to put my beach chair. My favorite ice cream is Vanilla, but not just any Vanilla… It has to be Vanilla from The Freeze in Marion. My favorite part of working at Miller Family Eye Care is of course my MFEC Family they are among my favorite people on the planet. A close second would be that I love the challenge of my job. Our patients are all unique individuals with unique needs and that keeps me on my toes every day. I would like the world to see me as a passionate individual. I am passionate about my family about my work and my church.


Lisa S.

Optician/Marketing Specialist

I grew up in Vinton, Iowa. My dream vacation would be two months in Europe with my whole family. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough! My favorite part of being a part of the Miller Family Eye Care team is connecting with amazing patients and working with a talented and professional team. I want the world to see me as fun-loving, honest, open, adventurous, inspiring and always learning.


Lisa T.

Board Certified Optician

I just recently joined Miller Family Eyecare in June 2018. Lisa brings over 26 years of optical sales and management experience to us. She is from North Central Iowa. Her favorite part of Miller Family Eyecare is how kind everyone is… She loves getting to know her patients and helping to select the perfect eyewear and watching their face light up when they find the perfect frame! She enjoys time with her husband and family and friends! Lisa also has a passion for cooking healthy food!Her dream vacation would be to go to Ireland someday. The way she would like people to see her is as a kind, caring and passionate person who loves and lives life to the fullest!!



Accounting and Insurance Specialist

I grew up in Eastern Iowa. I love to travel! I have traveled to 30 states and five countries including three weeks I spent in Australia as a teenager. My husband and I have decided that we want to see Greece someday so maybe in a few more years we can go for our 15th or 20th wedding anniversary. My favorite ice cream is Reese’s. My favorite part of being a member of the Miller Family Eyecare team is the staff. It’s been great getting to know the fun side of people. I want the world to see me as me! So many times when we look at people through different lenses (or labels) and really miss who that person truly is and the unique gifts that they bring to the table.




I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. I would love to take a trip to Japan to experience the different food and culture, but most importantly the food. My favorite ice cream is either chocolate salted caramel from this tiny place in Madison, WI or Halo Top peanut butter cup (then I can eat more!). My favorite part of being a part of the Miller Family Eyecare team is the opportunity to provide custom, individual service to each patient to serve their different eye care needs. Buying glasses doesn’t have to be like going to the dentist. It should be exciting, enjoyable, and a little weird. I hope the world sees me as not too serious, relaxed, and laidback. It’s just life, it should be fun!



Board Certified Optician/Optical Manager

I grew up in Urbandale, IA and have called Cedar Rapids my home since I met my husband, Brian. I love to travel wherever the wind can take me or at least until the funds hold out! I have been honing my craft since 1997 when I started out as an optical tech. Over the years, I have experienced every facet of the optical industry from behind the scenes in the lab to helping patients find their inner voice with their eyewear! I am true believer in letting your eyewear express who you are and who you want to be. I may be quiet sometimes, but don’t let that fool you. My sass is hidden right beneath the surface, just ask my hubby and kiddos!



Front Desk Manager/Insurance Specialist

I grew up in Belle Plaine, Iowa. I may have already had my dream vacation! I traveled to Greece, with my entire immediate family, in the summer of 2013 to meet my father’s side. I have 2 uncles, an aunt and several cousins there.One day, it might be fun to see Hawaii or New York City also though. I’d prefer doughnuts or cake instead of ice cream please!I love being a part of a locally, female owned business. Additionally, I love that we are a tight nit and family like team.



Office Mom/Office Manager/Insurance Specialist

I grew up in a small town Iowa, Shellsburg, population then just a little over 800. Graduating class size of 32 in a K-12 school. I have traveled to deserts, mountains, beaches and Germany. My husband and I try to travel somewhere new every year. I love Baskin & Robins Peanut butter and Chocolate. The thing I love most about MFEC is the people I work with. We all spend many hours together at work, so it is nice to have coworkers you can also consider friends. I also enjoy working for a small local company. Being a smaller, local business, we have the opportunity to get to know our patients and be able to provide a more personal experience. Even though my two kids are not at home anymore, I still see myself first as a mom and I don’t think that will ever change. I’m not sure I care how the world will see me. I am what I am and I understand not everyone is going to agree with my beliefs and opinions. We are all individuals and we need to SEE everyone and allow them to be whoever they are.

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