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Eyesubscribe Contact Lens Service


EyeSubscribe is a contact lens subscription service offered to you by our office. By enrolling, you will receive your contact lenses on a predetermined, reoccurring basis. No need to call the office to reorder when you are running low.

Lenses are shipped based on the replacement schedule of your contact lenses and the package sizes offered. Once enrolled you will be notified (by email or text message if you prefer) when your next order is ready to ship which is typically 10 days before you are about to run out of lenses. You will only be billed as your lenses are shipped out eliminating paying one large sum all at once.

 To enroll in EyeSubscribe click here.  At the top of the page click on “Account” to either sign in or create a new account. Simply check the box marked EyeSubscribe when entering your contact lens prescription or when accessing your cart to enroll in the program.

You will remain enrolled in the program until you or your doctor cancels the subscription. You may cancel at any time without penalty or fee. The doctor will cancel if you are due for an exam, if there is trouble with your payment method, or if there is an error with the prescription entered.

Once your prescription is about to expire, we will contact you to schedule your next appointment. You never have to worry about running out of contact lenses without being made aware that you are reaching the end of your prescription.

Lens Modality Shipment Frequency Number of Boxes Received
Dailies 30 Pack 1 box per eye every 1 month 24 boxes annually
Dailies 90 Pack 1 box per eye every 3 months 8 boxes annually
Dailies 180 Pack 1 box per eye every 6 months 3 boxes annually
2 Week 6 Pack 1 box per eye every 3 months 8 boxes annually
2 Week 12 Pack 1 box per eye every 6 months 4 boxes annually
Monthly 6 Pack 1 box per eye every 6 months 4 boxes annually