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Dry Eye Clinic

About Our Dry Eye Clinic

Miller Family EyeCare strives to provide the best possible patient care. This is why it has become a priority to move forward with innovative dry eye treatments. Miller Family EyeCare offers dry eye assessments and various levels of treatments, now including LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation. This dry eye treatment system puts the Miller Family EyeCare practice in a unique position of being a full functioning Dry Eye Clinic.

Ask your doctor about our treatment options if you experience any dry eye symptoms.

Is LipiFlow for me?

LipiFlow is for patients who Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). This procedure was FDA approved in July 2011 and has since helped over 300,000 people with OSD. Studies show 86% of subjects’ sustained improvement in gland function for 12 months after treatment.

If the doctor has concerns that you may have Meibomian gland problems or severe dry eye, they will recommend you for an OSDE (Ocular Surface Disease Evaluation).

Prior to the OSDE, you will fill out a SPEED questionnaire. This questionnaire gives an idea of the frequency and severity of symptoms due to dry eye.

A technician will perform a few tests before being seen by the doctor. The doctor will also perform a number of tests to determine if you have low tear production (Aqueous deficiency), Meibomian gland Dysfunction (clogged tear glands), or both.

If the doctor feels you are a candidate for LipiFlow, they will order the treatment. A patient counselor will review how the treatment works. After Lipiflow you will have an 8 week follow up.

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is the absence of tears or an unstable tear film. Tears are produced by the Meibomian glands on the upper and lower lids. Tears are needed to keep the cornea healthy and provide clear vision. Tears provide lubrication, lower risk of infection, wash away foreign substances, and keep eye surfaces smooth and clear.

Ocular Surface Disease is a chronic, progressive, and obstructive disease. Once glands are damaged, we cannot get them back!

What Causes Ocular Surface Disease?(OSD)

14% of OSD is due to lack of adequate tears (Aqueous Deficiency) usually caused by inflammation.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is responsible for 50% of OSD.

36% of patients have dry eye symptoms due to both of these causes.

Risk Factors:

Age >50

Medications (Allergy, Birth Control, Anti-Depressants)

Medical condition (Auto-Immune disorders, Rosacea, Sleep Apnea, loose lids)

Dry, Windy Climates

Ceiling Fans while sleeping

CPAP machine users are at a higher risk for dry eye symptoms.

Other causes of dry eye include... long-term use of contact lenses and LASIK.


A variety of treatments can help relieve dry eye symptoms. Prescription drops like Restasis or Xiidra may help relieve inflammatory tear deficiency. Non-prescription treatments include heat masks, lid scrubs, gland debridement, Artificial Tears, punctal plugs, and Lipiflow.

About the LipiFlow System

LipiFlow is the only FDA approved dry eye treatment designed to improve Meibomian gland function. When Meibomian glands do not work properly, dry eye symptoms occur. LipiFlow works by placing a sterile “probe” over and under the eyelids. During treatment, heat and gentle pressure is delivered to the inner eyelid as the outer lid is gently massaged. This method helps unclog Meibomian glands. This restores function of the glands, relieves dry eye symptoms, and stops the progressive permanent and damaging obstruction of glands. This procedure is painless, as an anesthetic eye drop is used to ensure comfort. The probe is designed to avoid contact with the eye surface. LipiFlow is a quick process, administering the treatment takes about 12 minutes. Some patients may benefit from just one treatment while others may require more visits.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Symptoms of dry eye include:

· Irritated, scratchy, gritty feeling

· Burning

· Feeling as if something is in the eye

· Excessive watering or blurred vision